Expense Claims = Money 💸. And where there is money involved, there is fraud involved 🕵. So it’s obviously good practice to have an approval cycle for the expenses added to your company. At Bezala, we’ve spent a lot of time developing an approval cycle that is as secure, reliable, customisable, flexible and as easy to use as possible.

  • To Approve Or Not To Approve?

    Whether you chose to approve or not to, you can do so easily using:

    • the mobile app or
    • the web app.

    One at a time or all at once. And if you forget to approve an expense, we’ll send a kind e-mail to you, reminding you to go in and review the expenses.

  • Approval Cycle Customisation

    The approval cycles in Bezala can be a combination of any or all of the following:

    • No approval cycle
    • User specific approval cycle
    • Cost center specific approval cycle
    • Transaction specific approval cycle

User specific approval cycle

User-related approval cycles are customizable according to your company’s needs with the rules AND, THEN and OR. When a user adds an expense the approval cycle saved to that user will be automatically added to the expense, meaning that no expense will go unapproved.

Cost Center specific approval cycle

If your company has cost centers (for ex, clients, projects, divisions or offices) to which costs need to be allocated, you might want to have them approved by that cost center owner. By setting a cost center owner in Bezala, all transactions where the user selects that cost center will have to be approved by that cost center owner.

Transaction specific approval cycle

Sometimes users might want someone other than their normal approver to approve a specific expense. We’re happy to announce, that now you can give your users that flexibility.

Let the King of the North approve what he needs to approve.

Let’s say that you have the “Dragon Queen” specified as your approver. You normally work in the southern offices and she’s the queen of the south so that’s fine. But recently you were asked to go to the north to fix a wall. A big wall. So you may wan’t the expenses associated with the wall fixing to be approved by the King of the North? Like this:

But what if your company has someone else who’s in control of the money, lets call them “The Lannisters”. Shouldn’t they approve all expenses before the company pays for them?

Well lucky you, Bezala has two separate user roles that will enable this:

  1. Fact Checker
  2. Money Checker

When giving the Fact Checker role to a user, that user will be shown in the list of approvers whom another user can ask to approve a specific expense. When giving the Money Checker role to a user, that user will always be the final approver for all expenses where the approval cycle has been manually changed.

This way, you can rest assured that none of your users can override the approval cycle, yet that they can still send their own expenses to their rightful approvers.

See the logic in the form of a process chart