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Approval and process improvements

1) Sometimes the approver might be involved in several companies who use Bezala, and they need a quick way to see how many transactions are waiting for their approval in each of the companies.

To help with this, we've added the amount of transactions one has to approve next to the company name in the company list. This list can be opened by clicking on the current company's name in the upper left corner of the web version (https://app.bezala.com).

2) We've also made improvements to the way approved transactions are sent to accounting. We've often been asked by accountants how they can send receipts paid for with company assets in one schedule, and receipts paid for with personal assets in another. Sometimes there's also the need to send individual transactions to accounting, but until now the accountants had to move all other transactions in queue back to approval in order to do this.

All that is now in the past - we've just added three new options to the pop-up which appears after one clicks the link "Send receipts now"! One can select between the following options:

All transactions
Company assets
Personal assets

To send individual transactions to accounting instead, just click the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner of a transaction and choose "Send to accounting" - that transaction will then be sent to accounting right away.