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Changes in pricing from April

  • The monthly price of the reminder service 4 € -> 3 €
  • An annual license of the reminder service 40 € -> 30 €
  • The monthly price of an active user € 8.00 -> € 8.60
  • An annual license for an active user € 80 -> € 80

The monthly price of the missing reminders reminder service will be reduced from 4 euros to only 3 euros / active card. With the help of the service, you always know which receipts made by company credit card are still missing from Bezala. Bezala sends an automatic reminder message to the user on behalf of the accountant. The annual license for the reminder service is 30 euros/card.

Read more about the reminder service

The monthly price of active user changes from 8 euros to 8.60 euros. An active user is a user who enters at least one receipt, daily allowance, mileage allowance, or reward per month into the service or saves or updates information in Bezala. Acceptance of expense is also counted as active use.

We also offer annual licenses for active users, the price of which remains at 80 euros. Annual licenses are not tied to specific users, meaning you can choose the number of annual licenses you want for your Bezala environment. If in some months the number of users exceeds the number of annual licenses, these excess users will be charged € 8.60 per month.

If the pricing mentioned in the contract between Bezala and your company differs from the above-mentioned prices, the pricing for active users will be increased by 8%.

The price changes will take effect on April 1, 2021.