Get Europe's most automated expense software, customized to your needs!

Your team can easily file Receipts, Mileages and Per Diems and you can Approve them with one click. We'll remind your employees of missing credit card receipts, automatically take care of your accounting and governmental reporting.

We integrate so that you'll get top-notch, automated bookkeeping

Built for real people, planned by bookkeepers, reviewed by auditors, approved by IT departments. We do everything we can to

Bezala is integrated to the following softwares:

  • Netvisor
  • Netsuite
  • Procountor
  • Other integrations and API

Features that help your employees

Creating Expense Claims has to be easy, otherwise this task will always be the last priority. On a daily basis, more than 3000 Expense Claims are created with the easy-to-use Bezala mobile or web applications.

Reminders of missing receipts
Self-Service Expenses

Reminders of missing receipts

Bezala will automatically get your credit card transactions from Nordea & Firstcard. The Credit Card Bill rows are then automatically linked to the existing receipts in Bezala, meaning that the employee always knows what receipts are missing.

Self-Service Expenses

Do you have lots of occasional users? Then you can use our Self-Service Expense feature, that enables you to send these occasional users a link to insert their expenses. You can even embed this form on your website or intranet. This means that the users themselves will fill in all of the essential information, so you don’t have to.