Forward your email receipts

We believe that there’s no reason for printing receipts on paper, when vendors could just send them as emails . And we’re not alone with this belief. If you already forward your email receipts then you are part of what is quickly becoming one of the most common ways to transfer receipts. We’ve already developed some nice features to support this:

Forward your email receipts to Bezala

Each employee has their own individual forward address which can be found from the user profile in the web version. When an email is sent to that address, Bezala will:

  • Create a new receipt
  • Copy the subject from the Email and add it as the description of the receipt
  • Add all attachments of the Email as attachments of the receipt
  • Take an image of the actual Email and add it as an attachment of the receipt
  • Automate the booking of forwarded receipts

Once the receipt arrives in Bezalas's inbox, we’ll automatically try to fill in the price, currency, VAT and date for the email. But you can create bookkeeping/posting rules in Bezala’s web version to automatically post for example “train receipts” to “travel tickets”. This becomes especially useful when you want to automatically select cost centers for your email receipts based on rules.

Auto-forward your emails from your inbox

Most inboxes allow for the creation of forwarding rules. You might want to add some to make your life easier. For example, you can add a rule to send all email receipts from Facebook to Bezala. Here are instructions on how to set up forwarding rules for:

Outlook / O365


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