Self-service for Sporadic Users

Do you have sporadic expense claim senders in your organisation? The kind of people who you don’t know in advance if they will be sending an expense, and hence you can’t invite in advance? A bunch of our clients have had the need for an embeddable expense claim form that they can put on their website for these sporadic users. So we went ahead and developed a “Self-service” concept for expense claims:

Easy to use

With our electronic expense claims form, these users are able to create their expense claims without extra work from your administration.


The electronic expense claims form can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Standard settings can be used and options available for the users, e.g. accounts, payment methods and cost centers, are easily managed.

Integrated to your bookkeeping

The expenses can be checked and approved both in the mobile and browser app. Approved expenses are transferred through software integration to your bookkeeping daily, weekly or monthly.

Cost efficient

All data is managed electronically, which allows you to say farewell to inefficient paperwork.

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