Travel expenses in France

The Bezala travel expense app allows you to apply for local per diems and mileage allowances defined by the French authorities.

France Travel expenses Per diem

VAT0, 2,1%, 5,5%, 10%, 20%
Mileage allowance0.529 € per km*
Per Diem41.40€                           

The mileage allowances in Portugal for the year 2024

*In France mileages are paid depending on the vehicles' power in conjunction.

3 CV or less

4 CV0,606€/km
5 CV0,636€/km
6 CV0,665€/km
7 CV or more0,697€/km

When an employee claims mileage for driving more than 5000 kilometers, the mileage rate decreases. To see the specific amounts for these reduced rates, please check this page.

Per diems in Portugal for the year 2024

In France, per diem allowances can be paid to employees tax-free if both conditions are met:

  1. The distance between the place of residence and the workplace is more than 50 km one way.
  2. This distance cannot be traveled by public transport in less than one and a half hours (one way).

The French per diem allowance in 2024 is €41.40 (20.70€ per meal). A lunch or dinner provided during the day reduces the per diem by 50% per meal.

Additionally, a fixed sum can be paid to employees for accommodation if the company has not paid for the accommodation. This amount is €74.30 in Paris and the areas of Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, and Val-de-Marne, and €55.10 in other areas in France.

Regarding foreign per diems in France, compensation is defined on a country-by-country basis. If the employer has paid for the trip's accommodation, 65% is deducted from the per diem.

Bezalan's French per diem calculator only works for meals, meaning it assumes that the employer pays for the travel accommodation, and therefore the compensation amounts to 35% of the reported amounts.

Explore the values of France's foreign per diem allowances here.

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