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The 31.12.2018 was the last day from which income tax reports were to be filed on a monthly basis. From then on, they are to be filed by the employers to the tax authorities right after the employee has received an income from the company. At Bezala, we’re very happy about this change. We can finally send tax reports straight to the tax authorities. This means that your company’s payroll won’t have to manually send any info to the tax authorities: it will be automatically sent from us. In other words, we’ll be able to decrease your payroll/accounting bill even more!

From 1.1.2019 onwards it's been possible to report payments related to daily allowances, mileages and rewards straight to the incomes register from Bezala. Payments will be reported via the API provided by the Incomes register within five days of payment automatically or manually, depending on your needs.

What Income Types will be reported via Bezala?

By default the mileage reimbursements will be reported with code 311, and the daily allowance reimbursements will be reported with code 331. Please contact our support if you wish to change these.

How does Bezala know what to report?

When transactions are sent from Bezala to accounting, Bezala reports included per diems and mileages to the incomes register. The payment date reported to the incomes register will be the date of the batch transfer date. It's the customer's responsibility to mark transactions as "not paid" in Bezala if this is the case.

How are exceptions handled?

The Daily Allowance and Mileage forms have a new feature where you can manually mark them as paid or remove a payment.

What certificate is used?

Bezala uses the certificate of Renance - Automated Financial Services Oy to report to the incomes register.

Can I see what has been reported?

Yes, just log in to to view the reports made by Renance - Automated Financial Services.


We will more than gladly answer any of your questions at support(a) or +358 45 787 32457.

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