Travel expenses in United Kingdom

The Bezala travel expense app allows you to apply for local per diems and mileage allowances defined by the UK’s tax, payments and customs authority HMRC.

UK Per Diem and Mileage
CurrencySterling (unit pound)
VAT0%, 5%, 20%
Mileage allowance£0.45/mile
Per Diem£5-25

The mileage allowances in UK for the year 2024

The mileage reimbursement in the United Kingdom in 2024 is 0.45£/mile.

You can apply for UK mileage reimbursements with Bezala.

Per diems in UK for the year 2024

In the United Kingdom, the tax-free daily allowance for employees depends on the length of the business trip:

Trips lasting 5-10 hours: £5

Trips lasting 10-15 hours: £10

Trips over 15 hours (lasting past 6 pm): £25

Unlike in many other countries, meals provided during the trip do not affect the daily allowance amount in UK.

For foreign daily allowances, the compensation for trips lasting five, ten, and 24 hours is defined on a country-by-country basis. In addition to these, a country-specific room rate may be paid for foreign trips.

We will be developing a UK daily allowance calculator in Bezala during 2024.


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