Bezala is the scalable, easy to use and automated expense claim software that Netvisor is lacking. One of the top priorities that we’ve had when developing the Netvisor integration is to automate as much work as possible by using Netvisors API. We’ve been developing expense claim processes for thousands of hours so that you don’t have to.

How does Bezala help the employees of companies that use Netvisor?

Your employees want to:

  • Know if they inserted their expenses correctly
  • Know when their expense will be reimbursed
  • Know how the process work’s

And we’ve solved this through communicating clearly.

In other words, we’ve focused on communication, communication and communication.

  • When the user creates a transaction, we’ll let them know if they forgot to fill in a field, or if everything was filled in correctly (real time validation).
  • When the expense is waiting for approval, we’ll let the user know who the approvers are.
  • When the expense is approved, we’ll let the user know when it will be sent to accounting and reimbursed.

How does Bezala help the accountants of companies using Netvisor?

Accountants deserve better than to have to manually insert expenses into Netvisor. Accountants are the gurus of the books, and should use their time focusing on quality, instead of quantity. The Bezala Netvisor integration is built by accountants for accountants. With more than 300 accountants using it on a daily basis, we’ve stumbled upon pretty much every imaginable scenario, and have been able to fix the issues that we’ve found along the way. The integration is working so well, that even Netvisor regularly sends us clients.

When expenses are moved to Netvisor, vouchers are automatically created and filled in with the exact information that the user filled in in Bezala. So, all the accountant has to do is to just double check that the vouchers are accounted in the way they want.

What does the integration cost? = 0€

Normally Netvisor changes an integration fee from companies that integrate their Netvisor to other softwares, but not in the case of Bezala. Bezala is one of Netvisors most used integrations, and a strategic partner that makes Netvisor a better option for all companies in Finland. That’s why Netvisor has agreed to not charge anything for the Netvisor Bezala integration.

“But Netvisor has it’s own app, why use Bezala?”

Netvisor has a great app, and we recommend it to all companies. However, it’s very limited in features, meaning that companies quickly outgrow it. Here’s a few examples of what you can’t do with Netvisors Expense Claim solution:

  • You can’t add Per Diem or Mileage expenses via the Netvisor mobile app.
  • You won’t know if you inserted you’r expense correctly (no validation).
  • You can’t approve Expenses via the Netvisor mobile app.
  • You can’t have all costs allocated to specific Cost Centers approved by the approvers responsible for that cost center.
  • You won’t be reminded of missing Credit Card receipts.

Save money by using Bezala instead of Netvisor's own app

If you’re not using Netvisors own time tracking, then you won’t need to have the HRM part activated at all, meaning that your Netvisor bill will be smaller when you start to use Bezala.

Getting started

If Bezala is the Expense Claim Software you’ve been looking for, then please contact us at We’ll more than gladly help you get started. Or you can just go ahead and get started by following the instructions below.

1. Open up a Bezala account

If you haven’t already, start by requesting for a Bezala account by sending an e-mail to this address:

2. Integrate Bezala with Netvisor

Open up the “API and identifiers” (FI:"Ohjelmistorajapinta ja tunnisteet”) link that can be found in the main menu (where your company name is).

Click the “Create new identifier for connecting external software” (FI: “Luo uusi ulkoisen ohjelman liittämisen tunniste”). You’ll be given a 7 digit key, that you need to copy & paste to the company settings page in Bezala. Keep in mind, that the key is only valid for a few minutes, so you need to be relatively fast.

3. Create a custom voucher type

When setting up Bezala, we recommend creating a new voucher type in your Netvisor, “Bezala” (name without quotations, identifier KU), to which the transactions from Bezala will be sent to. This way you can easily differentiate the Vouchers added through Bezala from the other vouchers in your Netvisor.

4. Adding cost centers

First of all its important to decide which Cost Centers your users should be able to select in Bezala. And should all users be able to see all Cost Centers? When adding cost centers in Bezala, you can select who should see the Cost Centers (assignees) as well as if someone should approve all costs allocated to the cost center (approvers).

5. Adding accounts

Bezala will automatically import the standard accounts listed below in Finnish, but you can easily edit or remove the accounts, or add new ones. You can even choose which of the accounts will be available for which employees (assignees). For ex. Johannas credit card can be hidden from all but her.

Payment methods:

Maksettu omilla rahoilla 2940

Purchase types:

Atk-laitteet (<3v. kalusto) 7680

Datasiirtokulut 8530

Edustuskulut 7990

Hotelli- ym. majoitus 7820

Kahvitarvikkeet 7110

Kokous- ja neuvottelukulut 8650

Kone- ja kalustohankinnat 7740

Matkaliput 7800

Muut matkakulut 7860

Parkkikulut 7850

Posti- ja lähettikulut 8540

Puhelinkulut 8500

Selvittelytili 1777

Siivous ja puhtaanpito 7360

Sisäiset palaverit ja henkilökuntajuhlat 7010

Taksikulut 7810

Toimistotarvikkeet 8620

Virkistystoiminta 7020

6. Adding employees

Here’s how you can add your employees:

Add your employees one by one

Upload an excel sheet with your employees (requires the Beta user role: contact to get it)

Add your employees via the API

Let your employees sign up for themselves.

Here’s information on how to add employees: User management

7. Setting up a daily/weekly/mothly sync

Here are the syncing schedules you can choose between:

Daily: Expenses will be sent to accounting at 6am

Weekly: Expenses will be sent to accounting on the day you select at 6am

Last day of the month: Expenses for the last month will be sent on the first day of the month at 6am

Or just click the “Send receipts now” link

All of your data will be moved to Netvisor when you click on the “Send receipts now” link in the main menu.

8. Reimbursing Employees

When an expense claim that needs to be reimbursed is sent to Netvisor, they can find a payment draft in the payments view in Netvisor. Just approve that pre-paid payment, and then it will be automatically sent to the bank and the employees will be reimbursed.

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