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Bezala is a travel expense mobile application developed in Finland and used worldwide. The software supports local Per Diems in the countries mentioned below and Mileage categories are configurable for any country.

In addition to Finland, Bezala operates in these countries:

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Travel expense claim policies abroad:

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The granted allowances for business travel vary significantly from country to country. We researched Finland's most important export countries' Per Diem, Mileage allowance, and expense claim policies. This way, we are one step closer to world conquest – together with our customers.

Learn how the practices work in each country:

Per Diem and Mileage allowance in Spain

Mileage allowance and Per Diem in Spain are paid according to the given rates or reimbursing travel expense claims.



VAT21 %, 10 %/ 4 %
Mileage allowance0.19 €/km
Per Diem53.34 € or 26.67 €

Mileage allowance (Asignaciones para gastos de locomoción):

The company can reimburse the expenses of an employee traveling outside their usual place of work tax-free under certain conditions.

Travel costs can be reimbursed with a receipt or other similar document when an employee uses public transportation.

Travel expenses can also be reimbursed with a tax-exempt mileage allowance, in which case the allowance is 0.19 €/km. In addition to this, for example, parking costs and other relevant travel-related costs can also be reimbursed.

Per Diem (Asignaciones para gastos de manutención y estancia):

The company can reimburse its employee's usual accommodation and living expenses by travel claims, for example, in restaurants and hotels, tax-exempt under certain conditions: The reimbursements do not exceed the given Per Diem rates. The business trip must be to a place where the employee does not live or work permanently. The business trip must not continue for more than nine months. The date and place of travel and the reason for the business trip must be provable.

Per Diem payments in Spain depend on whether or not the employee has to spend the night away from home.

If the employee must stay on the business trip overnight, their accommodation and living expenses can be reimbursed with per diem and actual costs. Accommodation costs, such as staying in a hotel, will be reimbursed by the expense claims if justified. The everyday living expenses and other relevant costs for overnight travel are reimbursed by paying the employee Per Diem of 53.34 € per day.

If the business trip does not require the employee to stay overnight, only the everyday cost of living can be reimbursed by paying a partial Per Diem of 26.67 € per day.

Per Diem and Mileage allowance in South Africa

South Africa's Per Diems are referred to as Subsistence Allowances and Advances.

CurrencySouth Africa's rand ZAR
VAT15 %, 0 %
Mileage allowanceZAR 4.18 / km
Per DiemZAR 493 or ZAR 152

Mileage allowance (Rate-per-kilometer):

The usual mileage allowances in South Africa are paid using the rate per kilometer method or its simplified version. The rate-per-kilometer is determined by dividing fixed cost by the total distance of kilometers driven in business use in a year. These rates can only be used if the employee has fully paid the fuel and maintenance costs of the vehicle, and they vary according to the value of the vehicle. The simplified method can be used if the employee has not been reimbursed for anything else (besides parking and toll fees), in which case the allowance is 418 cents (ZAR) per kilometer (0.26 €/km).

Per Diem (Subsistence Allowances and Advances):

Per Diem is paid to cover the incidental costs or the cost of meals and incidental costs caused by an overnight business trip and can be paid if the travel location is outside of the employee's usual place of work or residence. If only incidental costs are reimbursed, the tax-exempt Per Diem is ZAR 152 (9.5 €) per day. If the paid Per Diem includes meals and incidental costs, the tax-exempt amount is ZAR 493 (31 €) per day.

If the business trip lasts only part of the day, the cost of meals and incidental expenses incurred during the travel can be reimbursed by expense claims if the travel expenses do not exceed ZAR 152 (9.5 €) per day.

Per Diem and Mileage allowance in India

In India, all travel expense claims can be reimbursed if they are directly related to the employee's work.


Indian rupee INR


No set VAT rate, substituted by a tax on goods and services, GST

Mileage allowanceNo set rates.
Per Diem

No set rates.

Mileage allowance:

All travel expenses will be reimbursed to the employee based on expense claims. Reimbursement of travel expenses is tax-exempt if the expenses it covers are wholly and exclusively related to the performance of official duties.

Per Diem:

Expenses incurred on business trips outside the usual place of work are reimbursed to the employee based on expense claims. The Per Diem is tax-exempt if the expenses it covers are wholly and exclusively related to the performance of official duties.

Per Diem and Mileage allowance in Ireland

The Mileage allowances in Ireland are paid by the engine's volume and the total kilometers driven during the year. Per Diem is paid according to the total travel time.

VAT23 %, 4.8 %
Mileage allowance9.37 cents - 83.53 cents or expense claim
Per Diem147 € - 16.29 € or expense claim

Mileage allowance:

If you use your car, motorcycle, or bicycle during a business trip, the costs can be reimbursed based on expense claims if the expenses are relevant and receipts can be provided. Expenses can also be compensated by using a Mileage allowance, in which case the rates are specified depending on the means of transport.

The mileage allowance for using a bike is 0.08 €/km. Mileage allowances for using motor vehicles are determined by the engine capacity and the sum of kilometers traveled during the year. These sums are divided into four different categories based on the number of kilometers traveled during the year. The reimbursement rates vary from 9.37 cents to 83.53 cents per kilometer. Mileage allowances for motorcycles are divided in the same way as for other motor vehicles. However, the total number of kilometers traveled per year is divided into two categories, and the reimbursed rates vary from 9.27 cents to 28.59 cents.

Per Diem:

Travel expenses can be reimbursed based on expense claims if the claims are considered necessary, and receipts can be provided.

If the business travel continues overnight and the location is more than 100 km (or at least 50 km in some cases) from the employee's usual place of work and home, the employee can be paid the full Per Diem of 147 € per day.

If the employee does not spend the night away, they can be reimbursed by partial Per Diem if the travel destination is more than 8 kilometers from the employee's usual place of work and home. If the travel lasts at least ten hours, the costs can be reimbursed by partial Per Diem of 39.08 € per day. If the business trip lasts 5–10 hours, the partial Per Diem is 16.29 € per day.

Per Diems are tax-exempt if paid by these given rates.

Per Diem and Mileage allowance in the United Kingdom

In the UK, Per Diem is equivalent to the Scale Rate Payment, which is paid according to the length of the working day of the travel.

CurrencyPound sterling GBP
VAT20 %, 5 %, 0 %
Mileage allowance0.45 £/ mile
Per Diem5 £, 10 £ or 25 £, or expense claim

Mileage allowance:

Mileage allowance is paid once a tax year using the sum of miles driven with all vehicles during the year. It is tax-exempt if the mileage allowance is paid using the given rates or less.

While using a personal car for business use, the mileage allowance is 0.45 £/km for the first 10 000 km. When the first 10 000 kilometers are exceeded, the mileage rate becomes 0.25 £/km. The rate for motorcycles is 0.24 £/km, and for bikes, it is 0.20 £/km. Neither of these rates has mileage restrictions.

Per Diem (Scale Rate Payment):

In most cases, employees are reimbursed based on actual costs. However, the employer can also reimburse the costs of his employee's travel by paying Per Diem. This Scale Rate Payment is tax-exempt if the payments are not more than the given rates.

  • Travel time more than 5 hours: 5 £
  • Travel time more than 10 hours: 10 £
  • Travel time more than 15 hours and continues after 8 pm: 25 £

An additional meal allowance of 10 £ can be paid in cases where the business travels lasts less than 15 hours but continues after 8 pm to cover the cost of late work.

No other rates have been defined for other travel expenses, such as accommodation costs.

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Bezala is a suitable travel expense solution for companies going global, as:

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