User management

Spending time adding users to your Expense Claim Software is most likely not among your personal career goals, and its most likely not in your company’s interest that you spend too much time doing it either. Hence you’ll most likely want to get it done as quickly as possible, and we understand that. At Bezala, we’ve tried to make user management as easy as possible so that you can focus on what you really want to focus on. 👩‍🎓

What user roles are there in Bezala?

The basic roles are:

  • Employee
  • Manager: can edit company settings
  • Accountant: can view all transactions

Adding a user

When you add a new user, we’ll send an invitation with instructions to the email you specify for the user. When the user signs up, they can update their profile with their IBAN, SSN, Name, Email and default payment method, booking account and cost center. You can even be kind to them and do this before you invite them! Furthermore, you can even customise the following settings when adding a new user:

  • Language
  • Mileage Categories
  • Per Diem Categories
  • Approval Cycle
  • Default Settings

Adding users though a Spreadsheet

If you need to mass-update users (their default settings etc) we’ve got a handy little tool for you! When clicking the “Download Spreadsheet” button, you’ll get a list of all of your users and the data you can edit for them. Then you can go ahead and make the changes you want using Excel, and you can even add new users to the spreadsheet if you wish. When you’re done, just go ahead and upload that same spreadsheet back to Bezala, and we’ll update the user settings that you changed, and invite the new users you added!

Synchronising users though our API

For larger companies, adding and removing employees can be a time-consuming and boring task. However, it doesn’t have to be. You most likely have an active directory or HR software that serves as our Master Employee list? Well, why not integrate that Master Employee List to Bezala and enjoy the fruits of automation? You can use this integration to:

  • Add new employees
  • Update employees information
  • Remove old employees

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