Receipts and Expense Claims for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a versatile ERP that you can use to handle corporate accounting. With Bezala, you can easily use receipts to form accounting material that can be directly sent to Business Central. 

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What benefits does Bezala offer to Business Central customer companies?

Implementing Bezala will benefit your company in these ways:

  • Your employees can enter all their expenses and apply for Mileages and Per Diems using the mobile app. All your expenses are sent to accounting quickly.
  • You can save dimensional and project-specific approval rotations that facilitate process management and audit.
  • Bezala supports the different regulations of Expense Claims, Mileage Allowances, and Per Diems in different countries. Your employees will always receive statutory compensation.
  • Bezala is fully customizable to the needs of your business.
  • You get custom CSV accounting material sent to your server via email. It can be imported directly into the program.
  • SEPA payment files are sent directly to your bank and server.

What benefits does Bezala offer to accountants of Business Central customers?

Bezala’s integration utilizes as many features already present in Business Central as possible. Therefore, accountants can use a familiar view without manually entering data!

What benefits does Bezala offer to employees of Business Central customers?

Your employees want to know:

  • whether they entered their expenses correctly
  • when their Expense Claims, Mileages, and Per Diems are reimbursed
  • how the entire Expense Claim process works

Efficient data transmission is at the core of all this.

  • When the user creates a transaction, we’ll let them know if they forgot to fill in a field or if something was not filled in correctly (real-time validation).
  • While the expense is waiting for approval, we’ll let the user know who is approving it.
  • Once the expense is approved, we’ll let the user know when it will be sent to accounting and reimbursed.

Getting Started

If Bezala is the Expense Claim software you are looking for, please get in touch with us! We are thrilled to help you get started. And while you wait, you can already familiarize yourself with the sample bookkeeping data (CSV).

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