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We believe that an expense claim software should be extremely easy to use for both the end user and the accountant.

In 2015, expense claims were far from easy. Our clients were sending receipts via snail mail or email to their accountants, who spent way too much time using the office scanner. We felt so bad for the accountants, that we decided to build an expense claim app that not only was easy to use but which also integrated to accounting softwares. Therefore, we founded Renance – Automated Financial Services Oy with the aim to transform the accountant’s job for the better. And now we’re automating the process of inserting expense claims so that accountants only need to review them. Today we’re happy to say that accountants using Bezala are the people who bring us most of our clients and who are responsible for making us grown 10-15% each month since we started. That if anything, is a sign that we’ve succeeded.

Our interests are aligned

We’ve structured our entire pricing model to ensure that our interests are aligned with the interests of our clients. Because of our fair, activity-based pricing model, our clients can vote with their money and just stop using Bezala. This ensures our clients, that we’re doing the best we can to improve their expense claim process using our software. Simply put: we can’t afford to stop developing our software.

What we believe in:

  • Expense Claim management should be easy for both the end users and the bookkeepers.
  • Expense Claims management can be fully automated.
  • Current activities and processes can always be improved.

How we solve our goals:

  • We don’t assume.
  • We continuously test new processes.



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