Bezala has been building our own credit card automation processes for 5+ years, and has launched a credit card in cooperation with Zevoy, a Finnish payment card provider supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FIN-FSA) which is operating under VISA’s payment scheme. Founded by a team of FinTech professionals with extensive experience in cards and payments from companies like Aktia, Meniga and now backed-up by the deep tech VC Maki and Greenstep, the company started issuing cards in Q1 2021.

Zevoys company card helps hard-working SMEs save time and money with a subscription-based card solution powered by both PrePaid Cards and Credit Cards. In comparison to other corporate card providers in the Nordics, Zevoy offers a fully digital onboarding process and real-time integration with Bezala.

The entrepreneur of today is seeking smooth solutions that can scale with their growth;

  • Zevoys credit cards are aimed at management and founders
  • Zevoys PrePaid/Credit card can be used by all employees
  • One app and responsive platform that enables automated Credit Card provisioning and limit setting.

Why chose Zevoy & Bezala instead of some other card?

  • Easy onboarding: Paperless onboarding within days
  • Easy to get: If you don't have enough history, you can simple prepay the Zevoy card.
  • Bezala's expense management software (including mileage and per diem forms) is fully integrated with Zevoy.
  • Easy integrations: Purchases made with Zevoys credit card come to Bezala in real-time. The user get’s a notification of the purchase, and can complete the expense with record-breaking speed.
  • Automated reconciliation of email receipts to credit card transactions
  • 100% automation of Subscription expenses

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