Renance - Automated Financial Services Oy

Renance comes from combining the words “Rethink” and “Finance”. We’re here to Rethink how our customers Employees work with their Finance Departments.

We founded Renance in 2015 to provide companies with Bezala, an easy and fast way to handle receipts and travel expenses. Since then, our product range has grown to three SaaS products, and Bezala, BI Book, and make the work of tens of thousands of people around the world easier.

What we believe:

  • Using software should be easy for both employees and accountants.
  • There is always room for improvement and development.

How we achieve our goals:

  • By being open-minded.
  • By embracing change and being adaptable to new approaches.

Our values:

  • The desire of delighting the customer
  • The will to renew and develop
  • The enthusiasm to produce and to achieve success together
  • Honesty and appreciation of other people

Agility of a startup - certified processes

Currently, there are over 20 people working in the Bezala team, with over half of them in product development. We invest over 500,000 euros annually in product development, which is why our solution is also developing rapidly.

As a team, we are agile and have the ability to react quickly to changes in the market. After the pandemic suppressed business travel, we focused on credit card receipts in product development and created integrations for all the most commonly used corporate credit cards.

We also introduced emission calculation functionalities for sustainability reporting. We develop our system for our customers, resulting in satisfied customers and over 50% annual growth.

To manage our growth, we recently obtained the ISO27001:2022 management system certification, which verifies the security of our services in addition to our operational processes.

Our products

Bezala – receipts and travel expenses

Bezala is a user-friendly travel and expense application integrated directly into the accounting system. It aims to simplify the handling of receipts and travel expenses.

BI Book – BI reporting

BI Book is an easy-to-use analytics and reporting tool for businesses. It allows for real-time financial reporting and analysis, helping businesses focus on analyzing data instead of data entry. – purchase invoices automatically categorizes incoming purchase invoices based on historical data, aiming to speed up and streamline the work of accountants who use Finnish Netvisor accounting software.

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