Easy & customisable Expense Claim Forms

What info should your users fill in?

Your Bezala comes with all the mandatory forms, and you can rest assured knowing that we’ll take care of updating them to the new regulation each year. But keep in mind that Bezala is fully customisable to your needs.

If the normal forms are not enough for you we can easily create a form that suits your needs. So far we’ve supported over 10 collective agreements, we might even support yours already?


We once received very honest feedback from a user who said that “Bezala seems to be planned for humans”. He was used to such a horrible expense claim process that his expectations of Bezala were low to start with, but now even he has fallen for the simple way to insert receipts in Bezala.
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Mileage Allowance

Fill in the details and let us calculate the reimbursable amount.
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Per Diem

We’ve redesigned the Per Diem form to be as easy to use as possible. Now employees can fill in the Per Diem form without any prior knowledge of the local Per Diem laws.
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All employees need to do to apply for a reward is to enter their own tax card, and we’ll automatically deduct the correct amount of tax.
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