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We often get asked: “which credit card companies do you sync with automatically”. In a dream case scenario, our users would get a notification instantly from Bezala upon making a purchase with their company credit card that enables them to just click the notification, describe why the purchase is needed and snap an image of the receipt and be done with handling it. However, the banks that our clients have used so far only support old school FTP daily transfers of credit card info. This means that we only get the information of the purchase the next day. And at that point, sending a notification would be useless. But we’ve found that sending only one notification, right when the actual credit card bill arrives, is surprisingly effective.

This means that we don’t have to connect with your credit card company: we can just get the bill from your accounting software! This way we can also automatically connect the credit card bill lines to the receipts in Bezala, meaning that we don’t have to remind our users of receipts that they have already sent in.

Which credit card companies does Bezala sync daily with?

Nordea First Card (100 € yearly fee from Nordea)

Eurocard (350€ yearly fee from Eurocard)

Monthly sync

We can get the credit card bill lines from any credit card bill company that bills their clients via e-invoice to Netvisor. The most common companies are:




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