Travel expenses in Norway

Per Diems and Mileage allowances in Norway

CurrencyNorwegian krone
VAT25%, 12 % / 15 %
Mileage allowanceNOK 3.50 / km
Per DiemNOK 400 or NOK 200

Do you have business in Norway? Bezala supports VAT rates, mileage allowances, and travel reimbursements in Norway.

Mileage allowances in Norway for the year 2022

  1. Car (including electric car): NOK 3.50 / km (approx. 0.35 € / km)
  2. Motorboat: NOK 7.50 / km (approx. 0.75 € / km)
  3. Snowmobile or ATV: NOK 7.50 / km (approx. 0.75 € / km)
  4. Heavy motorcycle (over 125 ccm): NOK 2.95 / km (approx. 0.29 € / km)
  5. Moped, light motorcycle (less than 125 ccm) and other motor vehicles: NOK 2.00 / km (approx. 0.20 € / km)

There may also be some additions to the allowances:

  1. Passenger on board: NOK 1.00 / km (approx. 0.10 € / km) per passenger
  2. Driving in forest or construction roads: NOK 1.00 / km (approx. 0.10 € / km)
  3. Transport of large and heavy materials or equipment (trailer required, etc.): NOK 1.00 / km (0.10 € / km)

Companies can choose to pay employees government car allowance for government travel expenses. This rate is NOK 4.03 / km. In practice, the difference between these two mileage allowance rates is that the employee pays tax on the last NOK 0.53 / km of the government car allowance. In Bezala, the mileage allowance can be set to NOK 4.03 / km, and the company must take care of the tax on the NOK 0.53 /km.

Per diem in Norway for the year 2022

Per diems for travel without accommodation:

  1. 6-12 hours: NOK 200 (approx. 19.92 €)
  2. Over 12 hours: NOK 400 (approx. 39.83 €)

Daily allowances for travel with accommodation:

  1. Stay in a hotel: NOK 609 (approx. 60.65 €)
  2. Stay in a hotel with breakfast included: NOK 487 (approx. 40.50 €) (note: meal reimbursement)
  3. Stay in a boarding house, dormitory, or barrack without cooking facilities: NOK 170 (approx. 16.93 €)
  4. Stay in a boarding house, dormitory, barrack, or privately with cooking facilities: NOK 94 (approx. 9.36 €)

The per diem is tax-exempt if the allowance does not exceed the given values. If the reimbursement exceeds the given rates, the excess becomes taxable. The amount of per diem depends on the duration of the trip and where the employee is staying.

An employee may receive per diem from travel that does not require staying overnight if the destination is more than 15 kilometers from the employee’s home and the commute takes at least 6 hours. An employee must spend at least five hours of the night away from home to be eligible for the per diem rates with accommodation. The night on this occasion is between 10 pm, and 06 am. If the travel continues for more than 6 hours the day after the accommodation, the employee is entitled to a full per diem.

Deductions from Per Diems

If an employee is compensated for a meal or meals by the employer, customer, or event organizer, the meal allowances should be deducted from the per diem paid. The deduction is stated in percentages, and the final deduction is rounded to the nearest whole crown.

  1. Breakfast — 20%
  2. Lunch — 30%
  3. Dinner — 50%

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