CRM & billing software

Would you like to get settings such as client lists synchronised from some other software to Bezala? And would you like the costs allocated to those clients to be sent to some other software than your accounting software? We at Bezala have helped many clients set up such processes and will gladly help you as well.

Synchronizing the clients list

Would you like to get your client list from another software to Bezala? For example, from a customer relationship management (CRM) or a time-tracking software? That can be done easily with Bezala. We can even go so far as to limit which employees see which clients.

So far, we’ve helped clients integrate to:

Visma Severa



Billable Expenses?

Many of our clients have a need to bill the expenses that have occurred whilst working for a client. For instance, they might want to have a client list displayed to their employees in the expense forms. When a client is selected, then that cost should be added to the next bill to that client.

Please get in touch if you use a CRM or time-tracking software that you would like to integrate with Bezala.

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