Setting up your Bezala account is very easy. But all the important work is done before setting up the account. It’s extremely important for us that Bezala is as easy to use as possible. That’s why we recommend that all clients think about how their optimal expense claim process would look like. Do you want your employees to select the booking account? Should all of your cost centers and clients be in Bezala and who should see which clients? And what about approval: who should approve which expenses? We’ve helped hundreds of companies find their optimal expense claim process, and would gladly help you find your’s so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Once you’ve found the optimal expense claim process for your company you can get started within just a few minutes.

All of these settings can be updated via our web app or our API.

1. Integrate to your accounting software

The first think you’ll be asked to do when you set up your account is to select which bookkeeping software you use. After this, you can integrate your Bezala to your bookkeeping software from the company settings.

2. Configure the basics

From the company settings, you can configure some basic settings:

Your company IBAN & BIC (the bank account from which you will reimburse your employees)

Your bookkeepers email (who we will notify when new expenses are to be paid)

Your default approver

Your schedule/ when expenses will be sent to accounting

Your billing info (only companies who integrate with Bezala via the e-invoice address)

are the Per Diem & Mileage forms shown to the users

By contacting Bezala’s support you can edit these settings:

locking the VAT field to 0% (if your organization isn’t VAT registered)

which daily allowance and mileage calculators your company will be using

3. Set up the dropdown fields

The dropdown options are Payment Method, Purchase Type and Cost Center (s).

Setting up the Payment Method and Purchase Type dropdown fields:

By default we’ve imported some common accounts for you that you can edit or delete.

When inserting new accounts: make sure that the account code is the same as in your bookkeeping software

Setting up Cost Center(s):

Import your Cost Centers from your accounting software by clicking “Import Cost Centers”

You can also insert your clients as Cost Centers (if you don’t want to send this info to accounting, please contact Bezala’s support)

The cost centers will be grouped into dropdowns by their “Dimension Name”.

4. Import your Employees!

When importing employees you can set their:




Default payment method

Default purchase type

Default cost centers

Approval cycle

We recommend that you set the company credit cards as default payment methods to those users who have them.

5. Assign accounts & cost centers

Payment methods, Purchase Types and Cost Centers can be assigned to users.

If you don’t want all employees to see all Cost Centers you can assign them to specific employees

If you have company cards, insert them as payment methods. Please make sure to assign them only to the people who actually use the credit cards.

If a user only has one option for the Payment Method or Purchase Type fields, that option will be automatically selected, and the dropdown will be hidden from the user.

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