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Bezala news 3/2024

Bezala uutiset

Expense summary and other updates.

So much can happen in a month!

Among other things, we have made it easier to add expenses related to the same trip and sped up the process of claiming mileage reimbursements by suggesting previously used addresses on the form. 🚗

We have also made improvements to our emissions calculation functionality and now display an estimate of emissions based on the vehicle's fuel type.🌱

To learn more about our latest updates, join us for the 'Getting the Most out of Bezala' webinar, which will be held Friday 15th of March at 9 am (in Finnish 🇫🇮) and by following us in Linkedin.

We're pleased to announce that Taru Rouvinen has returned to Bezala as a Product Manager. Taru was a valued member of our team from 2016 to 2022 and will now serve as a vital link between our customers and internal functions, helping to shape the future of Bezala. We're thrilled to have her expertise and experience back on board!

Latest updates


  • Expense summary (@-tag grouping): You can now add expense summaries (previously known as @-tag) from expense creation menu. Expenses in Expense summary can now be seen more clearly in the transaction list. New expenses can be added to an existing expense summary by opening summary (by pressing the summary name) and pressing plus icon. When user saves a new expense with an existing tag, Bezala copies the description, date and cost centers from the last expense in that summary. (Instructions)
  • We now show emissions estimation on the mileage form that is calculated by the selected vehicle and its fuel type. The estimations are also seen in Spreadsheet that can be exported from the Mileage archive. If you want to add more fuel type options to your mileage category, please contact our support.
  • We now show counters next to each expense state in the main menu.
  • We now show a comment icon next to the amount in the expense list if there are comments saved on that expense.
  • Budgets have now been added to the “add new expense” dropdown.
  • Swedish website has been moved to www.bezala.se.


  • Budgets: you can now follow and approve budgets in mobile app too
  • Budgets: you can add attachments to budgets (in browser)
  • We will not send email reminders to users when they are on vacation
  • In the future inactive users list is sent twice a year instead of monthly

International features


  • You can now active Mepco integration in Integrations page

Check all the latest updates here

Tips and tricks – how to get the most out of Bezala

1. Open forms with keyboard shortcuts

Alt + r for receipt
Alt + m for trip (mileage)
Alt + p for daily allowance (per diem)
Alt + w for reward

(Works only on Windows computers)

2. View Bezala data on a visual dashboard of BI Book

With just a few clicks, you can see the amount of missing receipts both in euros and per user, or find out how much money was spent on daily allowances per office last year.

Learn more from our sales (sales@bezala.com)

3. Require the names of participants

You can require participants to be marked for certain expenses (i.e. meetings with clients or internal parties). This is done by activating the "Representation: Require the names of participants" setting in the purchase type settings. When this purchase type is selected, a Participants field will appear on the receipt form, which cannot be left empty