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Credit card reminders, now automated!

A better way of sending reminders

We're constantly working to improve the credit card bill reminders. Our worst fear is that we remind of a receipt that you've already added. This can happen if for ex.:

  • You've added the incorrect amount
  • The amount does not match the credit card bill
  • The date is more than a month away from the transaction

In an effort to minimize the probability of this, we've thus far always double-checked the reminders before sending them to you. This used to happen once every few hundred receipts. Due to some major improvements in the matching algorithms, we're now seeing less and less of these false reminders. And today we're happy to announce that we'll start sending the reminders straight to you when the bill arrives.

This means that you'll receive the reminders much, much faster.

More integrations

We're proud to announce that we can now also fetch credit card transactions from Nordea first card in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.