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Customers' development proposals guided Bezala's development work in 2021


At the end of last year, we conducted a Customer Satisfaction Survey where we also collected development proposals for the software. We got many great proposals that with other active customer collaboration guided Bezala's development work in 2021.

These now developed proposals were given to us through a customer satisfaction survey carried out at the end of last year:

Improvements to receipt scanner (OCR)

”Would be good you could improve the recognition of the receipts could be improved even more.”

These improvements were done to OCR:

  • Multiple improvements to character recognition technology
  • Bezala now recognizes the months written in words (in English, Swedish and Finnish)
  • Add recognized VAT percentages to the receipt form only if the company is liable to pay VAT
  • When adding a receipt through the browser show the OCR results without refreshing the page

Improvements to front page view (browser)

”Development idea: a possibility to edit front page view. I would like to see the receipts waiting for my approval always on the top of the page.”

These improvements were done to the front page:

Left column:

  • “Waiting for your approval” -expenses appear now above the drafts
  • You can hide the expenses by pressing the state of the receipt 
  • You can approve all the expenses waiting for your approval with one click
  • Improvements on how expenses marked with @ are visually shown

Middle column:

  • Character counter is shown when Description field is active
  • The approval cycle was moved to its own section to the top of the receipt form. Already approved approvers are shown with green color. The users whose approval the expense is waiting at the moment are shown with cray color. 

Right column:

  • Show Zoom cursor in preview view of the expense
  • Only allow turning the picture to the one direction. You can order the pictures by dragging
  • Display the document list only if documents have been uploaded

Vacation settings

”I wish for vacation setting to the users who approve expenses.”

We developed a vacation settings that enable assigning stand-in users to users who are part of approval cycles. Thanks to the feature there is no need to do manual changes to approval cycles during the holidays.

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”Receipts of subscriptions (E.g. BookBeat, Spotify). Would it be possible to somehow copy the receipt picture or develop some other better way to handle this kind of receipts in Bezala?

When using the subscription feature the receipts are automatically created to Bezala based on the credit card transactions.

How to set a subscription to Bezala:

  1. Find the receipt in Bezala's archive or opening view (browser)
  2. Open the receipt form
  3. Click on the cog icon and choose "Create a subscription based on this receipt"

When a new credit card transaction is fetched to Bezala, a copy of the receipt is created. The receipt copy will go through the approval cycle and then be moved to accounting. From the subscriptions view, you can check the receipt copies.

The Finnish Tax Administration only accepts the usage of the feature for receipt without VAT. To be able to use the feature credit card integration has to be active in Bezala. 

To avoid the risks subscriptions can only be activated per user. Please contact to activate the feature.

Improvements to the Users page:

”Could it be possible to move to Add user button to the top of the page? Now I have to scroll to the end of the page to be able to add a user."

  • All Save/Cancel/Add buttons are now shown as an integral part of the view (on the bottom) so that users do not have to scroll to the end of the page
  • Hide SSN in users' settings and only show it after pressing the * icon.