Netvisor and Bezala

*No surcharges*

*No Netvisor surcharges for Bezala users!*

Receipts and travel expenses are sent to accounting as scheduled. Bezala automatically creates a write transfer draft in Netvisor. The accountant only checks the transactions and finishes the accounting.

Your company’s account chart is fully customizable in Bezala so it can always be made to match the account chart in Netvisor.

You can make the account chart as simple as you’d like. Remove the accounts and payment methods your company doesn’t use, or assign certain accounts and payment methods to only certain users. For example, you can choose that Johanna’s credit card is only shown only to Johanna or that ”parking costs” are shown only to users with a car.

*Receipts and travel expenses from Bezala to Netvisor according to the schedule specified by you*

Transactions can be sent from Bezala to Netvisor daily, weekly or monthly. You can even specify a certain weekday for the sending.

*Bezala generates wire transfer drafts for the reimbursements*

Reimbursements can be viewed as wire transfer drafts under the header ”Open and paid bank transfers”. Once these drafts have been sent to the bank from Netvisor, users will be reimbursed.