1.1 Each Mepco Matka software mobile application, including without limitation bug fixes,

updates, upgrades, modifications and any related documentation (the “App”)

provided to you (“You”) by Accountor HR Solutions Oy or its affiliate (“Accountor”)

or dealer or service provider of Accountor is a standard offering and proprietary

product of Accountor and/or its third-party licensor(s).

1.2 The Mepco Matka is a tool for Accountor’s corporate customers to utilize Accountor’s

subscription-based travel expense service offering Mepco Matka (“Service”). You are

not able to properly use the functions of Mepco Matka without the subscription for the

Service and personal login credentials to the App. You or Your company has to enter

into a commercial agreement with Accountor setting out the pricing, delivery and use

of the Service.

1.3 Once You have a valid and personal subscription to the Service and commence using

the App with your personal login credentials, Accountor will be the data processor of

Your personal data processed in the App. Your company is the data controller of such

data. The commercial agreement sets out the data processing terms for processing

of Your personal data by Accountor.


2.1 Mepco Matka is a modern and easy-to-use solution for processing and managing

travel and expense invoices. As an option in the solution, it is also possible to enter

and process various reward transactions and to calculate emissions for the

company's responsibility reporting based on the transactions entered into the

solution. The solution has been developed to be intuitive and user friendly, making it

easy to enter various events into the solution on mobile or alternatively via a desktop

browser. The solution also makes it easy to automate the necessary accounting,

payment or income register reporting processes. The solution also uses advanced

technologies, such as artificial intelligence, to make the user experience as effortless

as possible and the entry of events simple.

2.2 A User must have one of the following authorizations to be able to use the Service:

- Employee authorization: The User has access only to his/her own material.

- Manager authorization: In addition to the rights granted with the Employee

authorization, a User can modify the Client’s userbase and settings in the Service.

- Accountant authorization: The User is an accountant of the Client, and thus, can

see and use the material uploaded by the Users into the Service for the Client’s

accounting purposes.


3.1 The Personal Data consists of contact details, bank account details, social security

number, organisational information, other data related to the Users’ use of the Service, data the Users enter in the service related to travel and expense invoices

and their processing, and other data determined by the company/data controller,

which may be entered manually or imported via integrations to other services.

3.2 The categories of data subjects consist of employees and other personnel of the

company that has a commercial agreement on the service.


4.1 The Personal Data is processed so that the Controller could use the Service for

processing and managing travel and expense invoices. Personal Data is processed

for the duration the Agreement is valid.

4.2 The Processor is under an appropriate statutory obligation of confidentiality when it

processes Personal Data.

4.3 The Processor shall ensure that Personal Data is protected by adequate technical

and organizational measures.


5.1 The executed payroll information (e.g. daily allowances, kilometre allowances and

other such fees) are sent to the incomes register, which is an electronic database

held by the Finnish Tax Administration. The information is reported to the incomes

register within five calendar days from the payment by using by the Tax

Administration’s interface.

5.2 The Tax Administration is liable for the incomes register and the functionality of the

interface. The Company is only liable for reporting the information that is processed

through the Service. The Company is not liable for the content of any accounting


5.3 The company that has made the commercial agreement may also select to share

other data from the service, for example, via integrations to other services.

Date updated: 01.10.2022

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